paragliding in Kossen Austria
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Experience the Thrill of Paragliding in Kossen, Austria: A High-Flying Adventure in the Alps

The Location

I as of late went by an area in northernmost Tyrol, Kössen in Kaiserwinkl. Kaiserwinkl comprises the towns Schwendt, Walchsee and Kössen and lies so near the German outskirt that you could climb to Bavaria in a couple of hours. This far north, the tops of the Alps don’t surpass 2,000 meters yet are no less amazing than anyplace else. Anyhow what made the area especially well-known year-round is its air. It is not fresher than in other snow-capped locales; however, it is copious with winds and warm lifts – ideal for any avionics. At best there are dependent upon 200 paragliders circulating everywhere in the meantime.

The Flight

“Are you prepared?”, I heard him say directly into my ear. “Yes,” I say. No, I think – yet what would you be able to do? Gradually I begin strolling advances. Abruptly an overwhelming weight pulls me back and powers me to stop. “Furthermore, now run,” he yells from the back. Left, right, left, right; at the following step, my left foot kicks into the void air. The weight pulling me back seconds prior is lifting me off the ground. Increasingly elevated I climb until I acknowledge – I’m flying.

Amid the flight you sit in a huge bridle which obstructs your sight directly beneath you. Everything you can do is look ahead and the perspectives are essentially astonishing! In the far separation I even saw the Zillertaler Alpen’s snow-clad tops. More often than not I felt more like sitting in a windy armchair than flying 1,000m over the ground. The best thing about paragliding is that you never experience free-falling, which is unquestionably the most exceedingly terrible to feel if you are terrified of statures. Along these lines, you don’t fall and can’t look down – there is no motivation to be terrified.

The Experience

Generally as we are prepared to get going we witness something so unexpected. Particularly when they are in the mountains, Austrians are a sprightly people – thus it happened that three men began singing conventional melodies in that spot in the sun.

Going by Kaiserwinkl is not just energizing, and it’s likewise legitimate Austrian. The valley is spotted by conventional Tyrolean ranch houses with wooden overhangs brightened with surreal blossom game plans. Indeed lodgings bow to this building’s condition of craftsmanship. My most loved piece of the day was the breakfast on the East-confronting sun patio until we found the outside swimming pool.

Getting There

On the off chance that you don’t have an auto you can achieve the towns of Kaiserwinkl by open transport. The closest huge global airplane terminal is Munich, which stands out a half hour away via auto – a little more by transport.

When to Go

With summer arriving at its end and temperatures going down a little Kaiserwinkl enters its high season for climbing. Make a point to come here before snowfall and covers the slopes in a white layer. Also if you can’t make it that rapidly, there is dependability.

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