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Chase the Sun: Top Summer Destinations to Escape the Heat


Remember the days when a polar vortex devoured the world and it appeared to be just as winter would never end? The days when you really yearned for the warmth of summer?

That being said, don’t say you never got what you longed for. Since we’re at the top of summer and its for a long time of oppressive hotness, you’re presumably officially longing for cooler days. While you can’t precisely compel Mother Nature to change her ways or accelerate time, there is an alternate alternative to incidentally getting away from the late spring high temperature: going to a colder end.

Coolest Destinations

Disregard the tropical areas such a large number of adoration rushing to for excursion; for you, its about chilling and investigating the milder atmospheres of the world. In this way, in case you’re searching for an exciting getaway, here are a portion of the coolest ends of the line to consider:

Zermatt, Switzerland

Longing for the days when you can at the end of the day strap on your snowboard or skis and hit the inclines? Head to Zermatt, where the normal temperature in July is 56 degrees and the Swiss Alps are open for business. When you’re not destroying down the wonderful cold mountains, make certain to look at the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, Matterhorn Museum, and Forest Fun Park.

Bruges, Belgium

An alternate city along the ocean, Bruges characteristics an also gentle atmosphere to Newfoundland; the normal high temperature in this Dutch city reaches around 71 degrees. Here you can appreciate the lovely sights of the city, including the curious, enchanting houses, the complicated political and otherworldly structures, and the slowing down. Also there’s bounty to keep you occupied. Try for a voyage along the conduits, visit through one of the many galleries, and investigate the various noteworthy destinations of Bruges—and stay cool at the same time.

Newfoundland, Canada

Not very icy and not very hot, the normal temperature in this Canadian region amid the mid year months is anyplace somewhere around 64 and 70 degrees. Sounds glorious, isn’t that so? This enchanting small angling town emphasizes an assortment of attractions, both characteristic and man-made. Newfoundland is an incredible spot for the outdoorsy adventurist, from chunks of ice to national parks to an angling exhibition hall.

Galway, Ireland

In case you’re searching for an objective that is a tad bit cooler, yet not Antarctica-cool, in spite of the fact that you can go there as well, consider a trek to Galway, where the normal summer temp is 60 degrees. Break out those light coats and sweatshirts and climb through the city’s national parks, play a round of golf, or investigate notable mansions.


So there you have it a portion of the coolest goals as far and wide as possible. You ought to plan a visit to one of these sometime in the future, or you’ll think twice about it for whatever is left of your life! Happy traveling, people!

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