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Journey to the Sky: Exploring the Majestic Rice Terraces of Batad

Getting to Batad

Getting to Batad is not for the timid. This remote town, extremely popular for having apparently the most delightful rice patios on the planet, is not open by mechanized vehicle. In the first place, you go the extent that the street will take you. In the event that you employ a trike — a little cruiser with a sidecar connected — they can take you the extent that the Batad Junction, and it will set you once again around 350 pesos.

rice terraces

Fear and Excitement

Batad was one of the spots I was most amped up for while arranging my trek to the Philippines, yet my fervor had been tempered by fear. Data about the zone was confounding in the manual and rare on the web. As a lady voyaging alone, I was additionally on edge about discovering an alternate voyager to accomplice up with. I was astonished by what a limited number of individual hikers I found in the Philippines, and in the wake of perusing a horrific useful example of a lady being killed while hiking the same trail solo in 2007, I chose it wouldn’t be shrewd to trek alone.

The Journey to Batad

Amid the 12km trike ride, it began to shower, and I pondered about the knowledge in endeavoring to waterproof my packs. All of a sudden, the trike halted in what appeared to be the widely appealing — then I took after the driver’s look to an almost completely vertical way driving up the mountain go on the left.

At that point, abruptly, we turned a corner and we were in Batad, and my psyche was rearranging through all the amazing and stunningly excellent destinations I’ve seen in my life and attempting to discover something that matched up to this — and it was heading up void. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to feel like I was in a scene from a motion picture as we entered the little town — pooches pursued chickens over the earth streets, kids sang on mud cheap seats outside the one room school building, and slouched over old women turned gradually to see the white confronts strolling by.

The Trek to the Waterfall

The way to the waterfall brought us specifically through the heart of the rice patios at the ideal brilliant light hour. I was having one of those minutes — I felt like an over-energized kid, not able to quit hopping around, thrashing my arms and shouting to nobody how excellent everything was. I really felt like I was high — its the main sensation my mind-set could be contrasted with.

I couldn’t accept we had the capacity climb over the rice patios — ones that have been in presence in excess of 2,000 years — however we wanted. I recollected the therapeutic departure I’d seen prior in the day and attempted to step warily, however there was no staying aware of our aide, who had spent his whole life navigating the porches and appeared to buoy above them.

The Destination

In the wake of disregarding top the inverse side of the rice patio “dish,” we plunged into a profound waterway valley that would wind around to a huge waterfall. It was a remarkable sight, yet this was a reasonable instance of the voyage being the goal.

Rainy Day

Additionally, it began raining when we arrived, abandoning us to group under spread and alternate theorizing on whether the climate was improving or worse.

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