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Exploring the Breathtaking Lugu Lake on a Motorbike: An Adventurous China Travel Experience


Bordering southern Sichuan and the northwest Yunnan regions of China is the famous Lugu Lake, known for its great perspectives, clean waters, and the place where female authorities exist.

Getting There

On my latest excursion to the territory – this time with my spouse in tow and rejoined with an old companion who had been existing close to the lake for some time – I concluded that it was time to make the outing. I was at that point wandering off in the fantasy land of Dali lager and tea-seasoned sunflower seeds – yet first we needed to reach some way or another to get there.

We started our trip by flying from Kunming, the capital of Yunnan, to the Lijiang Airport. We stayed outside of the touristy Lijiang Old Town for a couple of evenings, providing us with a lot of time to buy tickets and prepare for the long excursion ahead. The next venture of our trip was an unfathomably long and confounding transport venture. Fortunately, however, after 12 hours, three separate types of transport and auto, we made it to Lige Village, one of the towns around the lake that has as of late been developed for tourism. There are numerous alternatives of settlement in the town, an adolescent inn and many lodgings. You can book online or just upon entry – it’s truly simple. Atms are non-existent and cards are not acknowledged anyplace, so make sure to bring a lot of money.

Exploring Lugu Lake

Given me a chance to let you know, pictures can’t do Lugu Lake any equity – it is much excessively excellent. The day started a bit stormy, yet we chose to take advantage of it by popping on our downpour apparatus and taking off to lease a few motorbikes. From my vantage point in the back I had the ideal spot to take features and photographs. We knock along the cobblestone way, weaving our path between moving autos, meandering pigs and goats, individuals heading to work, and voyagers. Even though we lost the side of our companion in the front from time to time, there was no chance of getting lost – there was just street driving around the lake. As we changed from cobblestone to cleared streets, the voyage became more average and the sun started to sparkle.

Things to Explore

As the lake fringes two territories, Yunnan and Sichuan, there are a variety of things to investigate. Yunnan is progressively being developed for tourism, while Sichuan is more country. We stopped our bicycles to visit a few Buddhist sanctuaries and look into how the Mosuo ethnic minority consolidated their love of the Gemu Goddess into Buddhism.

Enjoying the Scenery

Notwithstanding researching an intriguing society we appreciated surveying the lavish environment encompassing Lugu Lake. Lion Mountain climbs high over to the left, it is top covered in mists. I could see blooming white blossoms enhancing scraggly rhododendron bushes. Looking towards the water, far from Lion Mountain, I could see limitless farmland, tall sunflowers and a twofold rainbow shaping from the rainstorm we drove through. The main movement we hit was the point at which we ran over a herder and his herd of goats intersecting the street. Ordinary life ought to be that loose all over.

China travel


Batteries were running low we chose to drive once again to Lige Village. Our bicycle battled over the remaining slope, and we were grateful that the rest of our ride was downhill. It was unbelievably exciting to ride around the lake, feel the air, and experience everything the lake and its kin offered.

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