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Nunukan Island: Discovering the Hidden Paradise of Diving

Overcoming Fear

It feels like my hands are appended to the boat I was riding. A great many contemplation are humming through my head. Imagine a scenario in which I swallow water and can’t return to the surface. Suppose it is possible that there’s a shark who needs to consume me.

Consider the possibility that I knock my head when I bounce into the water. I knew I couldn’t do it! Since I am such a blunderous individual and I wager that this will be my end. Other people is as of now in the water, stand out individual is still with me on the vessel. She takes a gander at me with enormous eyes and says: You can do this!

I can’t do this! They need me to bounce rearward into the water with this swooping supplies which weighs like a million pounds?? And after that plunge? I feel how tears are flooding at me. And afterward I sort of quit thinking and hop. Beat, our jump expert, chuckles at me: You’re hopping out of planes yet you would prefer not to hop into water from a watercraft? Presently I need to chuckle as well. Frequently I’m truly strange. And afterward we set out for some swooping. For the first run through.

Discovering a Passion

I can’t recollect to what extent I needed to learn swooping. I think it began when I set out for some snorkeling surprisingly. I generally needed to go deeper yet that was incomprehensible with the snorkel. It finished each time with gulping a LOT of water and frantic hacking at first glance. Separated from that I generally thought jumpers are kinda cool. Particularly in the wake of swooping when they are wearing their plunging suit half-opened around the hips. That is the thing that I needed. I needed to be as cool as this.

After our wilderness visit through Borneo – in Indonesia this a piece of the island is called Kalimantan – I took a boot to Nunukan to learn jumping there.

Exploring Nunukan Island

Among jumpers, Nunukan and its sister island Nabucco are viewed as heaven. The reef there is diverse to anyplace else on the planet and they say there you’ll discover the same number of little and big fish you can’t even check them any more. I can’t give an expert sentiment on this as I’m a beginner jumper however I heard this from jumpers who have more than 500 or even 1000 swoops, so I get its valid.

And afterward I’m right amidst it. Furthermore I’m swooping deeper and deeper and deeper and I can’t envision any longer why I was so frightened about this. This is an entire new world. A world I never could have envisioned to be that beautiful.

Passing the Exam

The following few days pass by in a glimmer. When we’re not jumping we’re learning, we do need to pass the exam at last. The other visitor on Nunukan acknowledged us soon as a major aspect of their swooping family and provided for us tips and let us know about how they are taking care of their enslavement. This plunging family-thing is by the way an astounding thing. We pass our exam and need to say farewell to our swooping crew. Nabucco is sitting tight for us.

Swimming with Sharks

Also that is the place I ran jumping with sharks for the first run through. All things considered, sort of. In the event that there were any. Be that as it may simply that morning, after a fretful night, there are no sharks. Also I’m slightly baffled. At the same time I swam through a colossal swarm barracudas. What’s more saw numerous fish I can’t even name.


And after that on the last morning, I had the capacity evidence to everybody that I am bumbling. At the same time that is no motivation to cry like a frantic individual.

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