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Great Views and Deep Culture: 5 Things That Make Thailand an Amazing Place to Visit

Whatever it is that you are looking for from your visit to Thailand there is a fair chance that it will be able to meet and exceed your demands and expectations.

The country is a cultural treasure and an understandable magnet for many tourists each year who are often surprised and delighted by the assault on their senses that comes from so many different aspects.

Here is a look at five of many things that make Thailand a top destination for your vacation.

Shoppers paradise

Other places around the globe might enjoy a similar reputation in terms of being a shoppers heaven such as Dubai, for instance, but Thailand deserves its place on that list and arguably wins the day when you consider the diversity of the shopping opportunities that await you.

What you get with Thailand is a huge variety of shopping malls and local markets where you can often find a huge selection of unique handmade gifts that don’t come with anything like the price tag associated with designer brands.

There are upmarket shops too that mingle with local curios that you can haggle over, but even a bespoke suit made by a skilled tailor won’t cost you that much compared to other parts of the world.

Amazing scenery

If you stay somewhere like the Marriott Executive Apartments Bangkok you will be well-placed to explore the iconic sights of the city and even take in some awe-inspiring temples amongst the treasures to be found in this country.

Away from the bright lights of the major cities, there are many chances to witness some exotic landscapes and beautiful beaches.

There are hundreds of islands to put on your itinerary if you are traveling around, including Bamboo Island and the Phi Phi Islands, to name a couple. You can chill out on the beach or explore the clear blue waters with a spot of snorkeling if you want to see the colorful marine life here.

Food like no other

Thai food is universally popular throughout the world so you know that you are in for a culinary treat when you come to Thailand.

Real Thai food can come be enjoyed on the street or in one of the many restaurants that are just as popular with locals as tourists, and the cost of your meal will almost certainly surprise you when you consider how tasty it is.

The “Land of Smiles”

A friendly smile is infectious and there is a very good reason why Thailand is called the “Land of Smiles”.

Thai people are incredibly friendly and you often find a warm welcome and gracious hospitality wherever you go in the country.

Great value for money

The cost of your trip is always likely to be a consideration for many of us and the good news is that Thailand can be considered one of the most budget-friendly countries you can visit.

Compared to many other parts of the world you will be pleasantly surprised at how far your travel money stretches, whether it is a meal, clothing, or accommodation, many aspects of visiting Thailand are great value for money.

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