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South America’s Best Hikes

Hello Hiker! First, let us get the facts straight. Hiking was always an adrenaline-pumping adventure and not a mere vacation trip organized by travel agencies. It is your plan, your choice of place and obviously your rules. Look for the best hikes in your continent to have a hell lot of adventure. Ever wanted to explore South America, but not sure about the best hikes in the continent? We will give you a glimpse of South America’s best hikes.


Located in Peru, this is one of the most famous hikes. This hike is really diverse and has got everything on the list. The forests, the knee-deep snow-covered mountain passes, the hot springs, the river, the picturesque Machu Picchu Mountains will give you the best hiking experience. No wonder this hike made it to the list of Top 25 hikes in the World by National Geographic Magazine.

Valley of the Volcanoes:

This hike in Ecuador is one of the best picturesque hikes in the list. The beautiful Quilotoa Crater Lake, the green Laguna in the extinct volcano and stunning views of the Avenue of the volcanoes will give you the best view of nature’s beauty. If you are special and if the weather is favorable, you will get a chance to trek the Cotopaxi Volcano, which makes it a lot more amazing.

Torres del Paines:

The amazing ‘W’ hike which gets its name from the strange shape of the mountains is located in Patagonia, Chile. The alpine lagoons, powdery snow, pristine glaciers and granite spikes are nothing short of a Fantasy World. The celebrated drink of South America Called Yerba Mate, tastes best around this region. It has got everything in it including the Refreshing taste of Coffee, the minerals of tea and the taste of Chocolate too.

The Lost City:

This Mysterious City of La Ciudad Perdida, Colombia has been a popular hike since its discovery in 1970. The hike is packed with enchanting sceneries, breathtaking views of the Rainforest, streams, and Rivers make the hiking experience unique. If you are lucky you will get a chance to meet the Indigenous Kogi tribe who has been living in the area for nearly a thousand years.


The Fitzroy mountain trek is located in Patagonia, Argentina. The refreshing alpine lakes, rivers and the glow of the mountain during the Sunrise make it one of the finest Hikes in the continent. The world-class climbs in the nearby areas of Argentina never fail to please the Rock Climbers. Camping here would be a great option to experience the wilderness at its best.

Colca Canyon:

Peru is filled with a lot of best hikes and this one is the best of Peru. The Colca canyon which is the second biggest Canyon in the world, and one of the largest tourist attraction in Peru. The valley town of Chivay with amazingly steep cliffs, rugged scenery make it the best hikes in the country.

Hiking in South America gives you one of the most memorable experiences in life. It is not just the scenic beauty which makes it special. It is the lesson which Mother Nature teaches you through the magic that makes the hiking a remarkable one.

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