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Fun in the Sun: Top Ten Summer Activities in New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country that is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Tourism for the country accounts for approximately 9.6 billion in revenue for the economy each year and is continually on the rise. While visiting the country of Kiwis, you will be more than entertained with these ten must do activities.

  1. Zip Lining – There are a number of activities to be found throughout the country, but what is most exciting is that New Zealand is home to an excellent typography that allows for an amazing zip lining experience. The popularity of this activity has significantly grown in recent years and the hills and valleys throughout the country make it the perfect place to enjoy ziplining at its best.
  2. Surfing – Summer is just not summer without fun out on the beach. New Zealand is home to some amazing surfing spots such as Raglan Beach which is known as the ultimate surfing capital of the country.
  3. BackpackingBackpacking is the best way to see a country and when in New Zealand it is a sure way to ensure that you see it all. Camping areas are found throughout the country and therefore it is a backpacker’s paradise.
  4. Hiking – If backpacking is not something that you want to do, take an afternoon hike. The summer season can be hot, but the tree covered mountains of the region offer a cool place to get some exercise and see what nature has to offer.
  5. Book a Tour – Every country has something that makes them special and New Zealand Guide Tours are an excellent way to see everything and more. The bonus to these tours is that you get the inside scoop rather than just finding the information on your own.
  6. Skydiving – Not all visitors want to stay on the ground and if you want to get a high flying view of the landscape, skydiving is the adrenaline packed way to get it done.
  7. Kayaking – New Zealand is home to many water activities. Paddling around in a kayak can take you to any water related destination you want to be without the negative impact of motor boat transportation.
  8. Take in the Music – Festivals are a part of the summer season in New Zealand. The Laneway Festival is held each summer. The music festival has grown significantly and can now be found in 8 different cities, but its home is Auckland.
  9. Sailing – New Zealand is no stranger to boaters and although you will see your fair share of speed boats and yachts, sailing is among the best summer activities for guests. It is a slower means of transportation, but the thrill of controlling the sail to get you where you want to be is simply unmatched by any other form of water travel.
  10. Bungy Jumping – It’s true that you can find bungy jumping experiences in most countries, but what is unique about the New Zealand bungy jumping is that they have the highest bungy jumping experience available in Queenstown. At 134 meters, it is sure to get your heart pumping.

There are many more activities to be found in New Zealand, but if you want the true experience of a New Zealand summer, these are the best activities for the country. Have fun and stay safe no matter what you do on your journey to this spectacularly beautiful country.

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