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The Three Layer System for Outdoor Clothing

Men all over the world who enjoy the outdoors as one of their fun hobbies should know about the three layer system. This is an outdoor clothing system that consists of three layers that safeguard the body from harsh outside elements and moisture that comes from sweat. While you’re doing your fun outdoor hobbies for men, it is important that you dress in attire that will keep you warm and dry. You should never wear synthetic clothing that will soak up sweat or rain and keep you wet for a long period of time. With the three layer system, your clothing will keep you dry, warm and well-ventilated. Now, men can either buy clothing that already comes with the three layer system or they can buy the sections separately.

The first layer of the system is known as the base or thermal layer. This is the section that prevents the after-chill that oftentimes happens during fun outdoor hobbies like hiking, biking and rock climbing. When the body becomes wet with sweat, the moisture will cause the body to cool, causing your body to increase its production of heat, leading to under cooling. To prevent all of this, men can purchase the thermal layer or the full system. Also, the base layer of these clothing for men are lightweight, durable and decrease itch, fungi and body odors.

The insulation layer of this system comes next. The reason for the insulation layer is to keep your body warm. It traps in body heat, while still allowing your body to breathe. This is perfect for fun outdoor hobbies that take place in cool places. When combined with the base or thermal layer, you will be able to keep your body dry and warm much easier. Insulation layers are used with fleece, bunting and pile. Each are made with different levels of fleece production — from light to completely solid.

The third layer of the system is called the outer shell. The outer shell will help to protect the skin of men from wind and moisture from snow or rain. Its purpose is also to help decrease the moisture of your body and will give enough cushion to prevent chafing, cuts and scrapes. You can find outer shells today that are shock-resistant, highly ventilated and resistant to water. It is best that men check out the three layer system to see how well it works for their fun outdoor hobbies.

Choosing whether to buy the three layer system together or in pieces is totally up to the men. If you want the benefits of only one or two of the layers, then purchase them separately. Otherwise, you can buy the full system for fun hobbies that need the full effect. You can find great products that can be used for outdoor living hobbies. Make sure to browse around to see if you can find anything you need for your fun outdoor hobbies.

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