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Water Sports to Try this Summer for a Complete Outdoor Holiday

If you like to be active outside, and you’re planning on heading to the beach at any point this summer, it might be the perfect time to try taking up some water sports. These don’t always come across as the most accessible of activities, and a lot of them are actually tricky to learn. But once you figure them out water sports offer thrills unlike anything else you can do, often offering relaxation and an adrenaline rush at the same time.

If that sounds like fun, here are a few water sports we’d recommend trying out during the summer.

Paddle Boarding

If you’re looking for a relaxing beach sport that can still get you some really good exercise, look no further than paddle boarding. The sport seems to be getting trendier these days, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a challenge, requiring good balance and core strength, as well as comfort on the water. It’s also easier to pick up than most water sport alternatives. You can burn a surprising number of calories while paddle boarding, and you’ll also have a nice time out on the water. As an added bonus, you don’t really need to be on the ocean. In some cases this is easier and more enjoyable on a lake or sound.

Reading through on an article about some of the exciting water sports people might not have tried, most of the selections were pretty conventional, like paddle boarding and wake-boarding. Kite-boarding (or as some call it kite surfing) also made the list, and it’s definitely one to think about. It’s an expensive sport to get into, with high cost equipment and pricey lessons, but it’s a thrill unlike any other once you learn. This is about surfing along the water purely by harnessing the power of the wind, and the better you get the more control you have. Imagine wake-boarding while you personally have full control of the boat that’s pulling you, and you get the idea.


Often viewed as an alternative to kite-boarding because they both rely on decent wind, windsurfing is also an exciting sport to try. Some say it’s easier to pick up than kite-boarding, but harder to master. However, once you’re up and going this can be a more relaxing activity, whereas kite-boarding is more of a rush. Both are good for different people and circumstances, but it’s good to try both if you get the chance, and see which one works for you.


Because there are a lot of trendy alternatives these days, surfing can almost seem old school. But it’s not as if it’s faded from the mainstream, and in fact it’s still the dominant sport for beach culture. The Point Break movie used surfing as a foundation for an action film just last year, and in online gaming circles an “Everybody’s Surfing promotion promotion still draws players to the slot reels for free spins and bonuses. No sport says summer quite like surfing and that’s why the promo uses the pastime as a way to push its summer-themed games. Surfing will always have a certain appeal, and for that reason there’s never a bad time to try it out. It can look a lot easier than it actually is, but they said once you learn it can change your life.

Ocean Kayaking

Then there’s kayaking, which is something a lot of people have already tried—just not in the ocean. Getting over the waves breaking at the shoreline can be tricky, but once you’re out, ocean kayaking is a blast, allowing you the chance to ride over swells and paddle against the currents. It’s surprisingly strenuous, but still a little easier to pick up than the rest of these sports. If you’re looking for a good workout on the water you’d be hard-pressed to find something tougher than kayaking the open sea.


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