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Ski Your Stress Away in Les Arcs

Stress is that feeling that arises when you perceive the physical or psychological demands on you are too great for you to be able to achieve the desired result. The bar seems to be set way too high. This stress could be coming from one or many factors of your life – from study, from work or from social and family situations.

Everybody is subject to some level of stress in their life. Some stress can actually be a positive factor to motivate you to improve a situation that you find disagreeable or to complete some task that will benefit you in the future. The drive and energy to make changes and deadlines under a little stress will do you no harm. However, if you are stressed for too long and by too many factors then your physical and psychological state may suffer.

If you find yourself in this state of being under too much stress and not able to cope consider finding some time and way to give yourself a much needed break to reassess what is triggering your stress. Time out will give you a number of benefits and perhaps some revelations as to what is triggering your stress and what you might be able to do about it. A great place to take as short break over the winter is in Les Arcs in the French Alps. Brisk mountain air is sure to do you some good and Les Arcs has a lot of unique facilities that will be restorative to mind and body. You could even check right now for holiday options at AlpineElements and get your life back on track.

There are a number of steps you can take to alleviate your stress. Without solving the issue that is causing you stress, of course, it will not disappear. However these steps may you cope and also take steps to removing the issue that is causing the stress.

  1. Take a break from what is stressing you. This will give you some distance in time and space to maybe give you some new perspective on your situation.
  2. Take some exercise. Research continues to support that any regular exercise will help not only your physical shape but also your mental state.
  3. Have some fun – enough to make you smile and laugh. Positive emotions and the physical act of smiling and laughing do lift our spirits.
  4. Find someone to support you whom you trust. If your stress is family or socially related it might be best to seek professional help or counseling.
  5. Take time to meditate. Learn to quiet your mind and relax as best you can on a regular basis.
  6. Relax your muscles. Exercise will help but so will doing yoga, taking a massage, having a warm bath, and deep breathing techniques
  7. Get a good night’s sleep.
  8. Eat good food regularly.

Take a Break at Les Arcs

With one short break to Les Arcs you can accomplish many of the aspects to help you deal with and overcome some of the stress in your life. Going to Les Arcs, either by yourself or with someone you trust will give you some distance from your stressors. You will get a different perspective from what has been leading to your problems.

Actually taking a short skiing break anytime is good for the soul – even when you are not super stressed. Here are five good reasons why you should consider a mid week break in Outdoor Holidays.

Get Exercise in more ways than One

Les Arcs in the French Alps is a great place to get some fresh air and exercise. Obviously skiing and snowboarding are the main focus of the resort but there are other ways to enjoy the alpine air. The resorts themselves are all vehicle free so you can walk everywhere in peace and quiet.

Choose to stay in one of the many places where you can ski in, ski out for maximum access to the lifts and to the pistes. The modern chalets at Arc 1950 are specifically designed so you can do this with ease. However the apartments for the other Les Arcs resorts usually have easy access as well. Check on that detail before you book.

The groomed pistes are far and vast with many suitable for all levels of skier. Les Arcs ski area is a wide high hanging valley between two ridges with Les Arcs 1600 and LesArcs 1800 on one side, Les Arcs 1950 and Les Arcs 2000 on the other. They are all part of the aptly named Paradiski area with stunning scenery looking out to Mont Blanc, all part of the High Savoy area of the French Alps

The Mille8 Recreation Centre was completed in 2016 to offer extra après ski activities with fun and games for individuals and groups. It has services for a restaurant, snack bar, dance floor, facility centre golf simulator among other things.

There are plenty of paths though the nearby forest and you can enjoy the wilderness and quiet with sturdy footwear or snow shoes. You might even spend a night in the Les Arcs Igloo with a 400m2 ice cave for you to chill out. There is an ice cave, igloo bar, dance floor and you can even spend the night on an ice bed after a sumptuous meal. The views from the terrace offer an uninterrupted view of the Aiguille Rouge.

Rest well and often

Les Arcs was built for skier and nature lovers from a concept that began in the late 1960’s. They were innovative in their original conception. The original apartments are currently undergoing renovation to ensure the original ethic of working with nature and what skiers need to enjoy the mountains are kept to the forefront of any designs. One feature that won’t change are the raised balconies that allow light to flood inside and give expansive views of the mountains.

Originally designed for sleeping and essentially eating breakfast, people now expect to spend more time in their accommodation. It is common to self cater or at least return for lunch on certain days of your ski trip so kitchens and living areas are being redesigned for convenience. If you only feel like skiing for half a day, it is very easy to return to you lodging for some extra rest and snooze on the balcony with a book.

However there are plenty of restaurants serving authentic High Savoy food which is definitely more “comfort” style than “rabbit salad”. Indulge in rich cheese fondue, raclette washed down with good local white wine.

Spa facilities are available at various complexes and at the swimming pool so you can go for a swim to stretch tired muscles and follow it up with a relaxing massage to soothe away aches and anxiety.

Go home Refreshed and Reinvigorated

At the end of you short break to Les Arcs you will have that mountain tan across you face and walk with a lighter step. Perhaps you will have had some time for introspection and contemplation on your stress and its causes. Even if the stress has not disappeared you may have found new ways to cope and have made plans to reduce its influence. Les Arcs will be waiting for your next visit.


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