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Outdoor Travel News: Top Outdoor Activities in Portugal

Portugal is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire world. This nation boasts of temperate Mediterranean climate, rich heritage as well as bounty of beautiful beaches that will impress you on the first date. You can experience the culture of the people of Lisbon and well as relax on the beaches during your free time. This part of the world has so many outdoor activities that will keep you entertained and occupied throughout your stay there. Here are the Top six outdoor activities in Portugal:

1. Play golf

If you enjoy golf then Portugal is the first destination you should tour during the vacation. This country has some many golf courses where you can take part in the game with other travelers with great love of this game. San Lorenzo, Oport Golf Club, Monte Rio, Oitavos Dunes Oceanico (old) and Troia are among the leading golf courses that will make the vacation worth your money. A golf holiday in Portugal is definitely a must.

2. 4X4 adventure in Albufeira

This special adventure presents you with an amazing opportunity to explore different parts of Portugal with other travelers from various corners of the world. The freedom of riding in a superb 4×4 automobile will leave you with memories that will last for a lifetime. Discover the beauty of Portugal by taking a ride on a guided expedition with world class vehicle alongside some of your friends or family members during the holiday season.

3. Scuba Dive in Azores

There is no better you can make your holiday fulfilling and uniting than taking your family for scuba diving in Azores. You can dive and night on the rocky, sandy and mixed seabeds. The potential of this region can be defined as endless. It has different spots to take care of the needs of different levels of experiences. Whether you have ever taken part in scuba diving or not, Azores has something that will impress you in the long run. The next time you think about scuba diving ensure that you do not ignore Azores.

4. Kayak and Snorkel trip in Lagos

Thousands of travelers are ever heading to Lagos town because of the endless list of outdoor activities there. Kayaking and snorkeling allows you to explore different areas including caves as well as deserted beaches. You can use this opportunity to discover the hidden cliffs and other physical features in this area.


5. Shark Fishing from Vilamoura

You have been seeing people fishing sharks in movies. Now it is time to do it. Vilamoura provides travelers with endless spots for shark fishing. Make this holiday memorable by going fishing with your family.

6. Caves and Dolphin watching cruise in Albufeira

Dolphins are among the most attractive sea creatures. Albufeira has thousands of dolphins. Cave and dolphin watching are among the activities that have kept attracting tourists to Albufeira over years.

In conclusion, Portugal is a leading tourist destination. There are various outdoor as well as indoor activities that travelers can take part in while there. Some of the leading outdoor activities that will make your vacation one of a kind include shark fishing, snorkeling, cave and dolphin watching among others.


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