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8 Exciting Outdoor Nature Trails in France

There is a whole lot of exciting things to do and see in France when it comes to great outdoor adventures. France is a country of natural beauty and has a large variety of outdoor sites, which are worth exploring. The country has numerous attractive lakes, amazing natural beaches and a plethora of waterways and rivers. France has taken immense measures to conserve a lot of its natural beauty and it has a lot of natural parks and reserves, from the valleys and peaks of the Pyrenees to the wetlands of the Camargue. Besides the lovely nature, side of this country is also very romantic and is an ideal gateway for couples wishing to spend some time together. Affordable flights to the country such as flights from London to Paris make it even easier to travel to the country and enjoy the lovely natural beauty the country has to offer. Here is a list of eight exciting nature trails in the country:

  1. The great nature walk at the Cirque de Gavarnie

The Cirque de Gavarnie is located in the amazing National Park of the Pyrenees Mountains and is a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site. The great nature walk has incredible scenery, with a magnificent 3,000-meter tall glacier encompassing the valley, making it appear as a cathedral in nature. In addition, there are many rushing waterfalls, which add to the splendor of the valley

  1. Tour Du Mount Blanc

At an altitude of 4,810 meters, Mount Blanc is among the world’s most stunning nature sites and is the highest peak in Europe. The Tour du Mont Blanc is a hiking system trail that covers 170 kilometers of the legendary mountain, with various different commencing points including Chamonix, Les Houches and Courmayeur. All trails have mountain huts along the route where hikers can break to rest and obtain refreshments.

Mount Blanc

Mount Blanc

  1. GR20 Trail in Corsica

The famous GR20 hiking trail in Corsica is among the toughest most legendary and long-distance hikes in Europe. The sun-drenched route passes through the beautiful island of Corsica from northern side to the south, covering wild gorges and a landscape of rugged hillsides. The famous path is popular with experienced hikers and it is recommended that only those that have been well trained should attempt the hike. However, the effort is satisfied with fantastic scenery and panoramic views.

  1. Hikes in the Luberon Mountains

The Luberon national park has numerous walking paths and walking trails in between its medieval historic towns and hilltop villages. A superb short hike is from Gordes to Rousilion. Start by exploring the ancient hilltop village of Gordes, regarded as among the loveliest villages in France and then walk a ten-kilometer hike along picturesque roads to get to Roussillon.

Luberon Mountains

Luberon Mountains

  1. The Nietzsche path from Eze Village to Eze beach

The Nietzsche path is among the most attractive trails in France and offers a challenging hillside hike alongside impressive seaside panoramas. Shaded by olive trails and oaks, the path overlooks the Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat peninsula and the Mediterranean coastline in the distance. On a clear day, you can even see all the way to the island of Corsica and the coastline of Italy. The hike takes approximately one and a half hours and winds up at the shores of Eze-sur-Mer, a lovely seaside area with hotels, restaurants, beaches and cafés.

  1. Hikes through Farmlands and forests in the Bearn mountains

The ancient Béarn region is a peaceful rural area of rolling mountains and hills approximately 40 kilometers from Lourdes. It is a lush mountainous region of ravines, deeply wooded groves, rushing waterfalls and crystal-clear rivers. Lovely hiking trails wind around across the valleys and forests.

Bearn mountains

Bearn mountains

  1. Baie de Somme

Situated in Normandy, Baie De Somme is a lovely seaside landscape which has marshes, logoons and sand dunes. History buffs will love following the ‘Circuit of Remberance’ which locates sites of the WWI wars and nature lovers will be grateful for the refreshing coastal scenery. People take a commemorative tour known as circuit of Remberance.

  1. Coastal walk in Bassin d’Archachon

The Bassin d’Arcachon is an unspoiled nature spot in southwest France. The Arcachon Bay is a tranquil seaside retreat, which has 7 kilometers of lovely sandy beaches, the biggest marina on the Atlantic Ocean and fishing piers. You get to enjoy a rejuvenating coastal walk. The region is also a marshland nature which has a 7.5-mile trail. This picturesque pedestrian path is an ideal place for bird watching.

Bassin d’Archachon

Bassin d’Archachon

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