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Great Car Trip Ideas for Taking Kids on Vacation

The Nomadic Family Road Trip in the Baltics

There are some wonderful ideas around for getting the kids out and about. If you plan to take them out on a car trip then you can choose from a range of exciting destinations and activities.Which of the following would your children most like to do the next time that you go out as a family in your car?

A Fun Trip to the Beach

There are few things that get youngsters as excited as the idea of heading to the beach for a lot of fun. This is the sort of classic family day out that can turn any weekend into a very special event.

There are so many activities to do on the beach that they might not know where to start. Will they collect seashells, build sandcastles or splash about in the water? Ideally, you will make a full day of it so that they go home tired but extremely satisfied.

It is important to take a change of clothing and some food and drinks on a trip like this. If it is hot then a good supply of sun cream is also recommended. The use of Hatchbag car boot liners will also help to ensure that the inside of the car doesn’t get dirty or filled sand on the way home.

A Cultural Experience

It is definitely possible to make a cultural experience into an interesting day out for the kids. Maybe you will go to a museum with interactive exhibits or to a castle with a battle re-enactment or medieval fair going on.

This sort of day out is tremendous for the youngsters in a number of different ways. For a start, they will get a lot of pleasure out of doing something new and exciting. Then there is the fact that they will learn a lot of new stuff, possibly without even realising.

This can also be a terrific learning experience for the parents as well. In addition, it can make for an easy day out with the kids occupied for so long in doing different things on their own.

An Adventure in the Countryside

A trip to the countryside is another classic way of getting the kids out for some fresh air and exercise. If you are lucky you will have a lot of country parks and trails to choose from. Will you take your bikes with you and cycle over the fields or go for a hike?

This can be a very relaxing way of heading outdoors and is ideal for any family that wants a break from the usual routine and the same old scenery. Maybe you will even take the family dog along for the ride, although you will need about using the likes of Volvo boot liners to keep the car clean if you do this.

the nomadic family baltics road trip summer

(Photo credit: The Nomadic Family in the Baltics)

A Hike in the Mountains

Are you an adventurous enough family to head out to the mountains for some action? This is the sort of car trip that requires a bit more planning, as the weather will play a big part in how safe and enjoyable it is for you all. Be sure to take supplies and extra clothing even if it looks like a nice day and a short trip.

This is an idea that is perhaps best suited to families with older kids. It represents a fantastic way for them to get out and see some new sights while burning off some energy at the same time. It could even turn out to give them a start on a lifelong love of adventure and travelling.

A City Break

Getting away for an exciting car trip with the kids doesn’t always have to mean heading out to remote spots, though. Maybe the whole family would get a lot of pleasure from going on a city break to London or another city instead.

Driving to a different city for a day of shopping, sightseeing and eating out can make for an unforgettable family experience. If you do it right then you can enjoy a brilliant day doing different things and feeling far from home.

Maybe the city you visit has a zoo or a great cinema that you could visit. It is definitely worth doing some checking in advance to see what you can do once you get there.

A family car trip can be a wonderful way of spending a day together while doing something fresh and exciting. Why not make the effort to head somewhere new the next time you have the time to do so?


Openning picture: The Nomadic Family Roadtrip in the Baltics


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