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5 Beaches That Will Blow Your Mind

There are many great beaches that do not get the attention they deserve. These are travel destinations that are unique in their own ways and offer some of the best facilities, and everyone wants to spend their holidays in unique places that can make them relax. Beaches are one of the main options among people who travel a lot and choosing the perfect location is always the dream of many. Here are some of the best beaches that will offer a mind blowing experience. 

Brighton, England
Brighton is a lively beach, which is filled with activity year-round. Most activities here are confined to the Brighton Piers and Marina, where the Ferris wheel adds beauty to the destination. There are also cool vendors and a casino as well as different treats you may like. The beach area extends to a wide region with crystal blue waters marking the horizons, so when you don’t have things to do you can relax. The restaurants around offer a variety of cuisine and there are low cost cafes and bars you can join any time you want a drink. This is not forgetting the tranquil gardens and galleries that surround the beach, where you can spend part of your day away from the waters.

Aharen Beach, Japan (Tokashiki Island)
Although there are several magnificent beaches around south Japan, the Aharen Beach stands out for its uniqueness and beauty. The beach is popular for its clear waters that shelter rich marine life. There are more than 400 types of corals, and you should also expect to watch whales and different types of sea turtles. The beach is also crowned by a beautiful variety of tropical fish, which are available in different colours and sizes.

Whitehaven Beach, Australia
Described by some visitors as one of the most beautiful beach in the world, the Whitehaven beach is a location words cannot describe. Its beautiful white sand and serene environment attracts visitors, who camp near the beach for several days. There is also a beautiful campsite on its southern end. The beach is award winning for the Whitsunday Islands. The ice white sands are a scene to behold and offer a magnificent choice for someone looking to relax over the holiday. If your annual travel insurance is valid, you can explore every possibility while at this destination.

Whitehaven Beach

Boulders Beach (Cape Town)
The waters are clear and the coves are tempting, but this is still not the main reason for visitors to prefer this destination. Boulders beach is home to African endangered penguins, which exist in colonies in this part of the world. You will enjoy sharing the sand and waters with the penguins as they move about freely. The interaction you will receive from the animals is unique and you can also sunbathe on the big rocks available on sight. There are also nearby hotels and restaurants where you can spend your night and days. The sand is also attractive and the location offers a unique venue for shooting photos.

Rainbow Beach, Queensland
The Rainbow beach is surrounded by colourful sand dunes, hence its name. The colours are believed to have formed after rainbow-coloured spirit hit the cliffs after a battle with a wicked tribe’s leader.



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