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5 Incredible Splendours of Southern Italy

From the region of Abruzzo down to Calabria and Sicily, the Southern part of Italy is filled with magnificent wonders of ancient art, architecture, and natural habitats that give Italy a primary place of excellence in the Mediterranean. The folkoristic character proper to each region makes all of them unique and special, due to the infusion of a great variety of traditions and historical influences derived by the various civilizations that settled or occupied the regions since Greco-Roman times- Greek, Roman, Northern European, Arabic, Spanish and North African influences shaped the culture in a cross-cultural fashion that is still alive to this day.

That Southern Italy has managed to preserve the many archaeological monuments, temples, and works of art untouched through the millennia, along with the traditions of these ancient cultures within  a 3000 year old timeline, is truly a feat in itself and gives due credit to Southern Italy’s reputation as the centre of the Mediterranean in all its forms.

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Start your trip in Naples or at the city airport and rent a luxurious Porsche, a Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, Cabrio or even a Ferrari for your more expensive tastes, and make your way to the scenic spots of Mt. Vesuvius, check out the Chapel of San Gennaro in Naples’ Cathedral- and don’t forget to savor the authentic style of Neapolitan Pizza, with its fresh tomatoes which are a testimony to the high quality of Italian regional products. Go all-out on a gastronomic tour of the Campania countryside with its variety of game and vegetable products; tour along the 43 mile stretch of the Amalfi Coast and relax at the beautiful Laurito beach of Positano, and don’t forget to visit the Amalfi town and its Duomo with the cathedral which holds the relics of St. Andrew the Apostle.

Mount etna and Taormina

Then head down to Calabria where you will be amazed at the rustic and exotic, diverse character of the villages, the sandy beaches, fishing towns and the crystal blue waters of the surrounding Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas. Its strategic position overlooking the Strait of Messina separating it from Sicily has made Calabria an important maritime centre for millennia.

Sicily is definitely your next stop along the itinerary, as it is filled with so many ancient monuments and works of art and pristine natural park reserves  (see the parks of Madonie, Nebrodi, and Segesta) that it would take books to describe how much there is to see and do. For this reason, it is also home to 7 of the top of the top UNESCO world heritage sites in Italy (which by itself lists 51 sites making it the country with the largest number of UNESCO protected sites in the world). Taormina’s Greco-Roman Amphitheatre overlooking Mt. Etna is one of the most special places to visit, along with the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento (one of the UNESCO sites) with its perfectly preserved Greco-Roman monuments and temples (see the Temples of Juno, of Concordia and Heracles, Vulcan, Olympian Zeus, and Asclepius-the god of medicine). Agrigento’s beaches are a top attraction in the summer and even at later seasons of the year thanks to the temperate climate of the South and the warm winds of the African continent.


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