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Need a Break? 7 Tips for Moving Abroad

Moving abroad can be a scary experience for many, but there are wholesome advantages to be gained by relocating to another country, especially in a new environment that is more conducive to your tastes and personal preference than your prior one- and one that will ensure better health, happiness and peace of mind. If you are not happy with the current situations in your life, sometimes all you need to do to turn the corner is to start from scratch and take another route. 

When planning your move, don’t forget that international removal companies can be rather helpful, so make sure you hire a reliable company like Bliss Moving for your valuable furniture and china set pieces to ensure that that nothing ends up damaged or broken, and try to be present to oversee the packing being done by the workers to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Many people who hire the services of companies for international removals choose to relocate because they live in a country with poor living standards, high unemployment and rent, and where political corruption runs rampant.

The crime rate is another major factor and families with children especially prefer to move to a safer place where they can raise their children in a comfortable and suitable, family-friendly environment.  Personal reasons such as the need to get away from a failed marriage, a personal tragedy, or find a more suitable place with a better climate where to pursue their passions also play a major part. Some may have always dreamed of living by the beach or on the countryside, or acquire new language skills and an international education to further their career. Thankfully, for all your preferences there are many resources for International removals that can help you with the process of relocation abroad and integration into a new culture- without necessarily having to change your personal preferences, habits or hobbies.

Cosmopolitan cities like Madrid and Barcelona, Paris, Geneva, Vienna and London, and countries like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand are primary choices for many expatriates because they are considered among the best in terms of living standards, employment, and due to their cross-cultural environment which makes it easy to find people of like-minded tastes and interact with the international community there. Getting in touch with international networking groups like or resources like  is  always a good idea to facilitate the relocation process.  If you wish to embrace the culture of exotic countries, China has great employment opportunities and is predicted to become the largest economy in the world by 2018. Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan have friendly cultures with many job opportunities that will help you integrate and learn the local way of life.

Check with the Embassy in your new country for vaccination requirements which may take several months to complete in advance, and make sure someone back home takes care of the last pieces of mail and correspondence (such as last-minute bills you may have forgotten).


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