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5 Gorgeous Places to See Glaciers

A glacier forms when snow is unable to melt and condenses into ice. Over time the glacier grows and moves and creates a wondrous natural phenomenon that can span thousands of kilometers and soar to towering heights. These natural wonders can be found all over the world and their spellbinding beauty is sure to leave you breathless. If you are seeking an adventurous holiday where you can view nature at its best than here are five gorgeous places where you can see the most spectacular glaciers in the world. 


Argentina is the home of the stunning Los Glaciares National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the home to over 300 glaciers including the world famous Perito Moreno Glacier. You can spend a whole day exploring the park, walk on the Perito Moreno Glacier with crampons and take a boat tour that allows you to see this beautiful piece of ice from a different perspective.

New Zealand

Travel to New Zealand to view their stunning glaciers most of which are located on the Southern Alps in the South Island. The Fox and Franz Joseph are the two most visited glaciers and they are sure to please all who visit them. The best way to view them is to take guided ice walk or take a helicopter ride that will drop you on the glacier to hike. The Tasman Glacier is the largest in New Zealand and it can be reached by driving in four and a half hours from Christchurch, the best way to travel around this awe-inspiring country is by campervan. Be sure to view the Tasman from a boat ride on the terminal lake.


A trekking holiday in Bhutan is a great way to see glaciers and you also get to explore the amazing culture that this unspoiled area has. You can trek past monasteries, villages and even interact with the locals while taking in the views of the stunning peaks of the Himalayas. You can go on grueling hikes that last several weeks or just spend three or four days on a route that is more suitable for inexperienced trekkers.

Glaciers in Bhutan

Glaciers in Bhutan


Iceland is one of the most spectacular countries to view glaciers as 10 percent of the country is covered in glaciers. The Sólheimajökull glacier is the largest glacier in Europe and it is a great place for hiking. You can go on snowmobile tours, helicopter rides, or boat rides that will take give you spectacular sights of these wonders of nature. Be sure to see one of the spectacular ice caves that nature has created.


One of the most popular ways to see the glaciers in Alaska is by cruise ship. Many cruise lines stop in Glacier Bay National Park and some of the smaller lines may stay there for several days.  Be sure to catch a glimpse of the striking beauty of Marjorie that is actively calving. The Juneau Ice field contains Mendenhall Glacier, which is one of the most visited glaciers in the world. It is about 18km outside of Juneau and you can fly over it by helicopter or hike on it as well.


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