Visit Sicily on the Trail of the Leopard

Considered a masterpiece and the most important novel in modern Italian literature, Il Gattopardo, “The Leopard,” is a top-selling novel which was also made into an award-winning film of the same name. Written by Giuseppe Tomasi of Lampedusa, the book is a chronicle of the changes in the way of life in Sicily during the Risorgimento. If you have read the book and are interested in following the trail based on the story, then here is a suggestion for places you might want to stop by. Don’t forget to reserve your accommodation in advance, checking sites like wishsicily.com to find the most suitable holiday home in Sicily for you and your family to make your trip truly stress free.

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Palermo is the capital of the island and here you will find a thousand things to do. It is a busy city full of medieval buildings, Byzantine palaces as well as effects of WWII. You will get to appreciate the beauty of the architectural styles of the buildings while enjoying delicious Sicilian food. After filling yourself with the city, make your way to the western coast and stop by Sciacca to enjoy the thermal springs. This is not a very touristy town so you won’t find crowds blocking your camera lenses as you take photos of the wonderful scenery. It has its share of archaeological buildings worth visiting. From here, move on to Agrigento to see the Valley of the Temples. There are eight beautifully preserved temples of the Greek age that can confidently compete with those in Greece.

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After a trip on the coast, jump to Ragusa to visit Donnafugata which is the setting of the estate of the Salinas in the novel. Before concluding your Sicilian adventure on the trail of the Il Gattopardo, visit Ragusa itself and find yourself surrounded by various Baroque wonders. The Giardino Ibleo will give you magnificent views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Visit the Archaeology Museum to see a good collection of ancient artifacts dating back to the Bronze Age.  Then, of course, don’t miss to visit Donnafugata and the imposingly grand castle in white façade and Venetian Gothic loggia. Moreover, taste the different wines produced in this area which are known around the world to be some of the best produced in Sicily.


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