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You Don’t Have to Gamble on Your Life to Get the Thrill Going

The thrill and excitement of extreme sporting comes at a costly price, sometimes at the cost of the wellbeing.  Essentially, activities such as cliff climbing, skydiving and even bungee jumping are similar to gambling, the only difference is that in extreme sports a player gambles with their lives. The risk involved is usually too great and sometimes not worth it, especially since the thrill and the excitement being sought can be acquired through other safer means. The thrill options alternative to these sports betting on other things such as games and sports, where players gamble with their money and not their lives. There are many such sites that feature an array of online betting games, with the most popular being Blackjack, Texas Hold’em ,and Roulette.



The Blackjack betting game can be played either for free or for real money. Real Money Blackjack is more rewarding and is ideal for thrill seekers. The online real money Blackjack betting game is a virtual variation of land based casino Blackjack. Playing online Blackjack is as rewarding as it is exciting, particularly due to the many variants of the game available. These variants can be categorized in to US online Blackjack and European Blackjack. The two categories are further divided in to hundreds of other variants. Thus players have a wide selection of Blackjack variants to choose from. This large selection gives players freedom to play Blackjack variants with the lowest house edge such as the Classic Blackjack, which has a house edge percentage of 0.13


Texas Hold’em

The Texas Hold’em online poker game is the most played poker game in the world. This game was introduced back in 1900s. This poker game is fairly easy to learn compared to other poker variants. Additionally, it features exciting game scenarios. By definition, Texas Hold em is a community poker game that is played by 2 to 10 players. The online betting Texas Hold em game can be accessed from a wide variety of online gambling and casino sites.

Texas Hold’em


Roulette is another exciting betting game available on the web. Roulette can be played for free or for real money, with many preferring the latter option due to the thrill, excitement and rewards that accompany it. Online Roulette is based on the same gaming structure as physical Roulette where players places wagers on the Roulette table and watch as the table spin. Roulette comes in three different variants, UK online Roulette, US online Roulette and French Roulette. Of the three variants, the French variant is the most popular thanks to its low house edge of 1.35%, while the US variant is the least popular due to its high house edge of 5.26%.  Among many sites to play you game, William Hill online roulette has great user experience and you should check out their roulette.

William Hill online roulette

These three online betting games offer the same thrill and excitement offered by extreme sports. More importantly, all these betting games can be played purely for fun, without necessarily gambling one’s money. The almost infinite selection of betting game variants makes online betting one of the most exciting leisure activities in the world. Thus these games should be considered when in search of a thrilling experience.


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