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What Norway Has For A Hiking Adventure

Outdoor Holiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - What Norway Has For A Hiking Adventure

Norway is the nation which brings to the table most wild in Europe – what makes it an immaculate goal for climbing in the nature and the mountains. On account of icy masses, snow secured mountain tops and frequently extraordinary perspectives over the fjords and the islands at the coastline, each trek turns into a remarkable escapade, which you can encounter just in not very many spots of the world.

Trekking in Norway is a decent decision particularly considering the expense: It is a standout amongst the most extravagant nations all as far and wide as possible – yet nature and wild are even here for nothing.

Best time for trekking in Norway is May to September, as it is the hottest time and there is the slightest snow. In the event that you are extreme enough, you might likewise set out for some trekking amid winter in Norway. Notwithstanding you truly ought to illuminate yourself if your climbing course is available in winter. On the off chance that there is an excess of snow, you might wanna climb with snowshoes or go crosscountry skiing.

Trekking Lodges

There are a considerable measure of climbing lodges in Norway, which are found very nearly all over the place in the nature and the mountains and are opened for explorers. (Image by: Kim G. Skytte )


Outdoor Holiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Trekking Lodges  What Norway Has For A Hiking Adventure

Arranging a climb in Norway you completely ought to consider, that it may get to be truly chilly around evening time not just in the mountains and even in summer. Consequently warm garments and downpour apparatus ought to be in your rucksack – regardless of the possibility that it is sunny when you begin your trek. Also bear in mind: You are dependent upon wild, there is a gigantic chance that you are climbing over a rough underground and frequently you need to affliction stream courses. So you totally ought to wear fitting trekking boots.

Aurora Borealis

Experience Aurora Borealis is on the can arrangements of numerous voyagers, for reason. For some these are one of the principle motivations to venture out to Norway. On the off chance that you plan to see this exhibition of the sky, you ought to go in winter and pick a climbing course in the north of the nation. Best opportunities to see the polar lights are from November to February.


In Norway there is an open right of access to the nature. That implies, in spite of most different nations, setting up your tent is permitted very nearly all over the place in Norway. That does not just help to spare cash, it additionally provides for you the opportunity to appreciate the nature all the more seriously and provides for you substantially more adaptability arranging your trekking courses.  (Image by : Martin Ystenes)

Outdoor Holiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Outdoors   What Norway Has For A Hiking Adventure

In the event that you are searching for a spot to crash in a city in Norway, you ought to consider Couchsurfing. Getting free settlement is simply a little piece of it: Most Norwegians affection the outside – so you may get accommodating insider tips and possibly a trekking organization who knows the territory exceptionally well.


Climate conditions in Norway can be truly insane. At the coastline the climate is for the most part influenced by the Northern Sea. From that point even in Summer awful climate can achieve the area exceptionally sudden. In the mountains in the internal area the climate can turn in seconds, as well.

Continually bring some more sustenance than you really requirement for your climb: On a trek to the mountains you never can make sure, when precisely you will be back. By and large on climbs starches and sugar are vital for supplying your body with quick energy.


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Feature image by : Endre Vestvik

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