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Top Tips for InterRailing Across Europe

Open your mind, get up off the couch, move” – Anthony Bourdain

There is a wayfarer in all of us waiting to happen. Probably, not many have ever detested the idea of travelling. Whether they travel regularly is a matter of choice, depending on their personal limitations, but there is not a soul in this world who shuns their instinctive wanderlust. If you are lucky enough this season to have a chunk of days you don’t mind spending exploring new spaces, we suggest you give Europe its fair chance. And in case you can’t afford to be too decadent, we have an extremely economical solution for you. 

What You Need to Do

First of all, you must have is a certain sum of Euros to buy an InterRail ticket (which can either help you travel throughout a particular nation or traverse through all the countries. Do research the amount as it keeps changing). As rudimentary as that may sound, there are quite a few who manage to overlook this aspect. We suggest you go for the global or youth pass (depending on your budget), since that will allow you entry all over Europe, uninterrupted for almost a month. You can make pit stops in countries of your choice, as per the itinerary planned. It is truly the most liberating feeling in the world to not have to worry about commuting. And given that the European rail service is the fastest, most eco-friendly and efficient way of covering ground, you will not be disappointed.

InterRailing Europe2

What Next?

Plan your itinerary well, so that you derive the maximum benefits out of your pass. It is essential you figure out how much time you’d spend travelling before you invest in a pass. This is because if you intend to stay put in a country for a few days, you’d require a flexible pass that permits you time to stop off. Also, ensure you know your exact place of stay. You can explore home stay options, couch surf, shack up with friends or stay in hostels, whatever works out to be the cheapest and the most convenient. Another smart thing to do is get travel insurance done. It will keep you in good stead if you get mugged or into any kind of dire trouble.

travel planning

But in all honesty…

You don’t have to follow rules as far as your itinerary is concerned. It is your grand holiday. Live it up, break rules, get drunk, stay responsible and vigilant but have as much fun. Let nature wash all over you. Redefine freedom for yourself. Challenge yourself and do things that you’d never do, and be the person you always thought you wanted to be. Make friends, lose friends, connect, disconnect, and de-clutter. This is your opportunity. This is your moment in the sun, your moment of truth. Remember to have an open heart and an open mind. Stack up on all the goodwill that you come across. Don’t forget to buy yourself a souvenir. Better still, be the souvenir.


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