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The Perfect Getaway for Cyclists

Out of all the Canary Islands, Peter Walker of The Guardian feels that Lanzarote is the most beautiful with its magnificent volcanic landscape and spectacular coastline. Some might say that the best way to spend your vacation in the Canaries is by soaking up the rays on the beach, yet the beach doesn’t offer a complete perspective of the island. The only way to experience all of Lanzarote’s beauty is by embarking on a bike trip, a method of exploring that many travelers have grown very fond of.

A healthy and environmentally friendly way of exploring, cycling holidays have become a popular way of getting to know European cities. Bike tours have been around for decades, but it wasn’t until a few years back that a large chunk of Europe truly showed interest in this particular type of vacation. After the London Summer Olympics wrapped up in 2012, UK bike sales exceeded car sales by 1.6 million, with the number of bikes sold being as reported 3.6 million. Such a significant rise in sales meant that business hubs had to accommodate cycling commuters, building cycle centers and free bike parking facilities for staff in places with large workforces, such as Heathrow Airport and corporate buildings.


But this newfound love for cycling extends beyond the bike commuters in the UK. Statistics reveal that some 26 million cycle trips and holidays are undertaken in Europe every year, showing that people aren’t just using their bikes to get to work and receive commuter tax benefits. They’re cycling because they enjoy it.

From the smooth and traffic-free roads to its various topographical features, Lanzarote is the go-to destination for both explorers and avid cyclists. Added bonuses of the island include year-round above 20 degrees Celsius climate, stunning views, and cheap holiday apartments to rent. So much so that many cycling tour companies now operate on the island exclusively with many hotels.

If you’re planning a cycling trip to the Canaries any time soon, Lanzarote Cycling suggests that you travel there between the months of September to May, since the trade winds from June to August can get too strong for bike tours.


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