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Smart Travel – Keeping Cash in Your Pocket

Sometimes you have to tweak a few details in order to save money, and if it doesn’t put you out too much, where is the harm?

If we’re talking about travel, then there are many different parts of your journey you can look at to change and swap around, in order to keep a little cash in your pocket, and put it to good use whilst you’re actually away on your long-awaited trip.

See if any of these tips help you keep cash in your pocket this summer.

Shop around

Don’t just jump for the first flight you see, because you never know, this could be the most expensive one. Shopping around will give you more options and a better chance of grabbing a cheap deal. Skyscanner is a good place to head, and watching prices instead of jumping straight into book will help you.

flight booking

Be flexible

Dates should not be rigid if at all possible, because this means you’re likely to pay more. If you need to travel at the weekend, then you need to make peace with the fact that you’re likely to pay more. If you can be a little more flexible however, then you may find you get a cheaper deal. Mid-week deals are often cheaper, as well as going away for eight days rather than seven. Be a little clever with your dates and see how much it can save you.

Look at different airports

Some airports are just cheaper than others, and if you’re looking to fly from the capital then you’ll usually save more. This doesn’t mean that you can’t grab regional bargains, but being flexible here, as well as with your dates, may yield bigger savings.

Look at extras

If you can cut out the need for expensive public transport then you will lower the overall cost of your holiday. I regularly drive myself to the airport and book airport parking through ParkBCP. I find this not only cuts costs, but it means my travel day is less stressful as a result too. You’ll find services at most airports in the UK, which means looking at flying from a different airport to your usual one is totally doable. Check out what you can find. I recently booked East Midlands Airport parking for a fantastic price, to coincide with a bargain airfare.


Consider indirect

Flying indirect can be a pain in the neck if the stopover is too long, but if you can find a flight with a minimal connection, maybe two hours or so, then you may find you save money, and only put yourself out a little. Have a coffee, stretch your legs, and before you know it you’ll be boarding your next connection.

Saving money on holidays simply means you can travel further and more often, as well as having more spare to spend in resort.


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