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Not An Average Snowshoeing Tour

Outdoor Holiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Not An Average Snowshoeing Tour

Where on earth would you be able to discover “not a normal snowshoeing visit”? A weekend ago I was one of the visitors of Sunshine Village, a ski resort in Banff National Park. While a great many people head to the resort for downhill skiing – generally as we did on one of the days, there is the alternative to take a snowshoeing visit.

This isn’t simply any snowshoeing visit – yet one called a Canadian Signature Experience.

What separates this visit from your normal snowshoeing visit?

The visit takes you through masses of white, soft, virgin powder snow high in the Canadian Rockies on the Alberta/British Columbia fringe – with nary a spirit in sight. You can make your own particular tracks for the whole visit. Beginning at the Standish Chairlift – the highest point – you head away towards the Sunshine Meadows Lookout, which you’ve taken up whilst taking your snowshoes. On a crisp morning you’d have the capacity to see Mt. Assiniboine, however we weren’t so lucky.  (image by :Bruce McKay)


Outdoor Holiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Canadian Signature Experience Not An Average Snowshoeing Tour
The visit is a mix of snowshoeing and searching for no particular reason. Also by fun, I mean bouncing off bluffs and sliding down snowbanks. This region gets 10 meters of snow overall every year, so there’s never any lack of it. Actually the snowshoeing season goes on for seven months!

Our aide, Adrienne from White Mountain Adventures drove us through a white on white world (we’d trusted for a blue sky day yet it just appeared towards the end of the visit), constantly vigilant for bluffs with profound snow at the base and slopes to slide down. She made a state of keeping us far from any inclines with torrential slide peril.

Amid the visit, creature tracks including pine marten, snowshoe rabbit and coyote were brought up. She additionally imparted a portion of the Native history of the region.

On this snowshoeing visit you never need posts and in the profound powder they’d really be more obstruction than help. The visit is approximately three kilometers long and normally takes around two hours. With the exception of a short segment just past Rock Isle Lake, its all declining.  (Image by : Vincci)

Outdoor Holiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Rock Isle Lake Not An Average Snowshoeing Tour
This is one visit that doesn’t end when you take your snowshoes off. Up next is a cheddar fondue served before the blaze at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge. At the point when the climate is hotter, the fondue may wind up being served outside, however on a January day, its more pleasant by the flame.

It’s not until you’ve scratched the base of the fondue pot whilst offering the highlights of the day that the visit formally closes. This is one snowshoeing visit that eventual ideal for individuals of all ages – and regardless of the possibility that its a cool day, you’ll have the capacity to stay warm.

I trust you will arrange an excursion to Sunshine Village, the ski resort in Banff National Park, and find the opportunity to experience all that I had encountered there. It was a phenomenal visit and one of the best I ever had!


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Feature image by : Nicole June

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