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Getting Crazy In Pyrenees, Catalonia

outdoorholiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Getting Crazy In Pyrenees, Catalonia

Notwithstanding the stunning scenes, adorable mountain towns, nearby celebrations and incredible gastronomy, the Pyrenees can offer a great deal to an adrenaline junky or one with a hunger for the marginally insane. Incidentally, my undertakings were on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees however I’m certain the French side are incredible too for those searching for extraordinary games and far better nourishment!

Whitewater Rafting

A home to the Noguera Pallaresa stream, the Pyrenees is a stretch of water that is thought to be the best for whitewater dons in Europe, so where better to attempt your hand at whitewater rafting shockingly.(Image by Raj)

outdoorholiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Whitewater Rafting Getting Crazy In Pyrenees, Catalonia

We began our rafting excursion from residential area of Sort. Furnished with a holding nothing back one neoprene body suits with matching boots to shield us from the chilly water and a cap for any potential bashes if/when you drop out of the pontoon, we were all raring to go! After a speedy lesson in paddling on dry area we were driven straight to the water for a 14km pontoon once again to our base which took generally an hour and a half to finish.

The experience was astounding – snippets of dread, funniness and immaculate adrenaline as we took off down rapids, knock over rocks, influenced unstably with the altering course of the water and fell in more than once! I never thought I would appreciate it so much, grinning and shouting the entire path down.

Through Ferrata

In the event that you’ve never done a through ferrata then you either petrified of statures or simply doltish not to have done one sooner! A by means of ferrata is basically a secured climbing course – furnished with a saddle, cap and various carabiner cuts you take after a set course climbing an overall unclimbable mountain as you go. You are appended to a link at all times. It’s not for the cowardly individuals nor those that apprehension statures yet its an extraordinary safe approach to scale to new statures.

The outfit are far from being complimenting, your hands will smolder toward the end of the day and you’re thighs will feel like they are made of steel yet there is nothing more fulfilling than getting to the top, taking in that view and acknowledging exactly how far you’ve climbed.

Our by means of ferrata course and incredible aide Oscar, was in the mountains of Vallcebre, a zone known for its extraordinary climbing, strolling and climbing. There were various through ferrata courses coddling tenderfoots & specialists which makes the area a good time for all and not simply those expert endeavor addicts.


Canyoning, for me, is a mixof between a by means of ferrata and whitewater rafting – yet without the ropes and the flatboat! An insane looking game whereby you simply bounce down ravines, body surf down streams and basically get that adrenaline pumping as quick as possible.

I’m truly anticipating returning to the range so I can have a go at canyoning now my hunger for adrenaline in the Pyrenees has been lit.

Sustenance & Wine

So I know this isn’t the most regular thing that strikes a chord when you consider endeavor and the Pyrenees however after all that game you’ll be starving and merit a slap up dinner, also an extensive glass of wine! Likewise, as I found, to attempt a percentage of the neighborhood rarities you will need to have a certain feeling of escapade!(Image by Monkey)

outdoorholiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Sustenance & Wine Getting Crazy In Pyrenees, Catalonia

Sort was a stunning disclosure on this trek, for simply a little town it figures out how to be an extraordinary water sports center point as well as a foodies dream. I cleared out hurting – tummy excessively full, knock and wounded, however fretful to return for more adventure!


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