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The Koh Tao Hiking Trip

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Koh Tao has a notoriety for being a jump and gathering island. Keeping in mind both those things are genuine, there is such a great amount of more to this little child island than that. In any case gosh dammit, you can trek. Also on the off chance that you do, you’ll be compensated — with an extraordinary workout, with a research the crude wilderness, with the rush of being a bit of a voyager, and relying upon what way you pick, with a tropical shoreline or a stunning perspective anticipating you at the flip side. Here’s a gander at two of my most loved courses.

The trek to Fraggle Rock is a standout amongst the most prominent on Koh Tao — its a moderate to hard trek, the course is simpler than others to take after, and the result is staggering. I’m humiliated to say that I trekked here for the first run through upon my come back to Thailand this fall. After years of gazing up at the rock itself from Sairee Beach, I was prepared to at last achieve it!

outdoorholiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Fraggle Rock The Koh Tao Hiking Trip

(Image by: Alex Brown)

Climbing on Koh Tao

This is an unbelievably clear course to take after, no unique guide obliged — the length of you can discover the begin of the way. Once more, beginning at Sairee you’ll stroll up towards the exercise center, after the principle street up until the first truly steep slope. There you’ll discover a resort overwhelming under development to your privilege — turn right and stroll up the street with the development on your left.

The street will soon turn from cleared to an earth way, and not at all like the course to Fraggle Rock, which is grade the distance, this course will exchange in the middle of tough and downhill areas as it brings you over the width of Koh Tao. I had done this climb once before around a year back and it was harder than I recalled!

While its a pleasant change of pace to be so profound in the wilderness along the climb, for me the genuine motivation to pick this course is this — the shoreline. We had some good times viewing Sadie skip and play, and chilling in the sea. It took us around forty five minutes every way.

There is no place to stock up on crisp water along the way, so make a point to bring bounty for a round trek venture. The shoreline is likewise an incredible spot for an excursion — snatch sandwiches from Zanzibar before you leave Sairee, and make a day of it! Also in case you’re going to stick around, you should bring a veil and snorkel for a little swim. Preferably in the event that you can discover a pup to lead you, that future an incredible expansion as well. Sadie is in really appeal for her directing administrations.

outdoorholiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The shoreline The Koh Tao Hiking Trip

(Image by: John Sequeira)

You could likely escape with doing both of these climbs — and additionally any others on Koh Tao, truly — in flip lemon, however I wore mentors and was extremely upbeat to have done so. Likewise with climbing undertakings anyplace on the planet, its best to tell somebody where you are going, and to trek in sets. Furthermore its more fun!

Climbing on Koh Tao is a mind blowing approach to see the island and work up a sweat. Both these journeys were highlights of my time back in Koh Tao.


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