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Hike Up Through Semuc Champey, Guatemala

outdoorholiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Hike Up Through Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Envision the most wonderful perfectly clear turquoise and emerald water you can. Put that water into expansive falling pools encompassed by limestone precipices and lavish green woods. This is Semuc Champey – a standout amongst the most shocking regular scenes on earth.

Anyhow on the off chance that you need to appreciate this excellent spot you’re going to need to work for it! The closest town close-by is Lanquin, getting there is a 4 hour venture from Guatemala City and obliges conquering the notoriously perilous streets. Vehicles are at nature’s leniency as avalanches are basic; elusive streets without guardrails run the danger of tumbling off bluffs, and with loads of yearly rain the streets are once in a while dry. In the wake of making it to Lanquín the excursion is not over – normal vehicles have no shot of navigating the last miles of steep slanted rough, sloppy street.(Image by Sean)

outdoorholiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - closest town Hike Up Through Semuc Champey, Guatemala

The Incredible View

We were presently confronted with an intense choice. Trek up to the perspective first (what we were told was an hour-long strenuous way) or investigate the delightful pools of water and make a go at swimming. With restricted time before needing to leave for Guatemala City that evening the greater part of the gathering chose to skirt the trek, however me and an alternate gentleman couldn’t leave it behind. Directly in the wake of settling on this choice I acknowledged I hadn’t brought my shoes, just flip-flops! The way began with some damp, elusive wooden scaffolds and immediately I was concerned I may not have the capacity to make it up. Pulling out all the stops, we chose to hurry, stressed we wouldn’t have a considerable measure of time left after the round-excursion trek all over. For all intents and purpose running tough through the sloppy trail I tried my hardest to stay away from damage in my feeble footwear, just slipping in the mud a couple times. We arrived at the highest point of the precipice in 30 minutes time, secured in sweat, calves ablaze, and our lungs asking for more oxygen. When I witnessed the perspective from the post deck all the psychical agony vanished – the perspective was dissimilar to anything I’d ever seen.. such a variety of delightful and differentiating shades.

A Refreshing Swim

Depleted from the climb here and there I squandered no time bouncing into the cool water; it was as reviving as it looks. Soon after unwinding keeping still I perceived something was in the water with me. Modest fish were snacking on my body! I was acquainted with these as I had a comparable involvement in Belize months prior.. they consume the dead skin off your body!(Image by Wojtek)

outdoorholiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - A Refreshing Swim Hike Up Through Semuc Champey, Guatemala

As we cleared out Lanquin, the mists were low and it started to shower pretty much as I snoozed off in the over of the van. I was stirred from my sleep as the van lost footing with the street and slide twelve or somewhere in the vicinity feet into a cement trench. Being reckless I hadn’t secured my seat cinch; bringing about a stuck thumb from hitting the seat before me. The sudden and rough effect could have brought about much more awful substantial damage yet fortunately nobody else endured any wounds and mine weren’t not kidding. The van however wasn’t going anyplace.

In the wake of hitching a ride on the over of a truck we made it to a little city and held up for a substitution vehicle. Albeit late, we all made it once again to Guatemala City securely that night. A decent completion of our gathering visit, I said farewell to my new companions I’d imparted an extraordinary excursion.


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