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La Chorrera Waterfall And Hiking Activity

Outdoor Holiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - La Chorrera Waterfall And Hiking Activity

Colombia has various remarkable, mainstream treks that voyagers here can appreciate: El Cocuy and the Lost City being the most acclaimed. In any case, in the farmland around Bogota there are various extraordinary day-treks accessible which are for the most part genuinely obscure and under-investigated. One of these is the trek to La Chorrera waterfall, close Choachi, to the east of the Colombian capital. I spend last Sunday doing this trek with a few companions, and it was really a standout amongst the most charming day-trips I’ve ever had in Colombia.

Getting wet at La Chorrera

The climb starts as an afterthought of the street in the middle of Bogota and Choachi; one you have hopped out of the transport, you take after the signs guiding you towards the waterfall. This first area of the trek is available via auto, so it is conceivable to abstain from strolling it, albeit I would prescribe not to, as its a pleasant expansion to the excursion. This segment ought to takes around 45 minutes, and takes you through pretty paramo view, little nearby homesteads, and, further on, into the start of the cloud woodland where most of the trek happens.(Image by : Javier Doren )

Outdoor Holiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Getting wet at La Chorrera  La Chorrera Waterfall And Hiking Activity

From the door at El Chiflon, the trail limits and turns into somewhat more tricky. It’s nothing sensational, however much slippier and steeper, so a great pair of boots or coaches are an absolute necessity. The surroundings more than compensate for the trickier landscape however; the trail passes through astonishing cloud woods, loaded with orchids, bromeliads and several types of winged creatures. This sort of woods never stops to astound me; the sheer size of life is surprising, as the steady dampness implies that everything is by all accounts developing on top of everything else!(Image by :Grupo PachaPurik )

Outdoor Holiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - El Chiflon La Chorrera Waterfall And Hiking Activity
In the wake of emulating this trail for around one hour you ought to start to hear the thunder of the falls (on a clearer day you can see the highest point of La Chorrera from much further over on the trail, yet when we went by the top was covered in fog until right when we arrived); its black out, however you can tell there’s something huge around the following corner. Abruptly you see it; La Chorrera is Colombia’s most astounding waterfall, with an aggregate drop of 590 meters. The backwoods opens up and you are conceded a full length perspective of the fabulous falls. Starting here its only one more 10 minutes down the valley to the base of the falls.

The base of the falls is just staggering: extending your neck upwards the water gives off an impression of being dropping from the mists through the wilderness. Strolling down to the dangerous shakes straightforwardly underneath La Chorrera you are met with an impact of frosty chilly splash; its reviving after the trek, yet positively blows your mind! The falls are in a shocking area right amidst the timberland, with a perspective along the valley to farmland past. The water was falling in torrents when we went to, in all probability because of the high rains the region had been encountering. The drenching socks and steady umbrella convey appeared justified, despite all the trouble at that point.

The entire trek ought to take 4-5 hours relying upon wellness levels. To come back to Bogota, just tend to the corner of the street and wave to any transport coming back to the city.


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Feature image by : Jaime González

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