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Going On A Hike A Preikestolea In Norway

Outdoor Holiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Going On A Hike A Preikestolea In Norway

TravgerPreikestolen or Pulpit Rock is a standout amongst the most popular treks and posts on the planet. The perspective on Preikestolen has been named the planets best by a few outstanding travel productions. Take my pledge for it, the perspectives are stunning yet that is not a large portion of the story of Pulpit Rock; first you’ve got to get up there. That takes a genuine climb.

Beginning at the campground where there is additionally a restaurant and hotel; which my companions and I really stayed in for a night, you start the climb. It starts with a slow soil trail climb and after a large portion of a kilometer or somewhere in the vicinity, it levels off.  (image by : Rajendra Trivedi )


Outdoor Holiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Beginning  Going On A Hike A Preikestolea In Norway
At that point there is a long level walk that teases you into supposing it’ll be a simple climb. Be that as it may, after you pass through a few wetlands, you start the precarious climb over rocks. This will proceed for a few hundred meters and can be truly exhausting on your joints, particularly knees. I profoundly prescribe wearing steel tipped high top trekking boots. I didn’t and I was in a considerable measure of agony backpedaling down from the consistent crash on my knees from the rocks, which don’t give whatsoever.

In the wake of clearing the rock hindrance, you achieve an alternate calm that experiences a woodland and out into an outdoors range where there are a few lakes and lakes. It is completely flawless as of right now. In the wake of strolling over the open area, you climb up around 100 meters or something like that more and afterward down to catch your first look of Preikestolen. Right away you’re not by any stretch of the imagination beyond any doubt what to make of it however as you get closer you acknowledge why you came this way. The 25×25 meter common rock seeing stage is stunning.

Significantly additionally stunning is the sheer 2000 foot drop on the off chance that you stumble off the edge which you are so attracted to. The main thing my companions and I did was head promptly to the edge to take pictures. Just about overlooking the threat beneath. I assume young men will be young men however it shouldn’t be taken daintily when out there.

The perspectives from Preikestolen are tantamount to anyplace on Earth as I would see it. Desolate Planet really named Preikestolen the best view on the planet. It neglects Lysefjord straight down fjord where you can apparently see everlastingly alongside all the precipices on each one side. (image by :Jose Palao Chinchilla )

Outdoor Holiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Lysefjord   Going On A Hike A Preikestolea In Norway
It truly does take about an hour and 45 minutes every approach to trek Preikestolen and considerably more for the individuals who are unfit. Bring a great deal of water to abstain from cramping and in light of the fact that the sun will whip upon you. It may not be the most sweltering place on Earth however the sun is solid and you will sweat a considerable measure I guarantee.

Again at the cabin, appreciate an incredible supper or lunch spread at to a degree sensible costs for Norwegian norms. Norway is by and large extortionately lavish. The rooms at the hotel are really decent and less expensive dormitories are additionally accessible.

While Preikestolen may be the most climbed fascination in Norway, that doesn’t mean its simple so simply go arranged and bring your cam in light of the fact that it is that pleasant.


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Feature image by :Endre Vestvik

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