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Camping Trip Into Namib Desert

Outdoor Holiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Camping Trip Into Namib Desert

Namibia is basically the Africa you dream about. Tremendous open spaces; wild creatures strolling around; unbelievable vistas; and towering desert sand hills going such a distance out to the cold Atlantic Ocean. Amongst all these attractions is the top objective for vacationers in Namibia; Sossusvlei. It is all that you could request and all the more in a terminus. You can climb up to the highest point of the planets most elevated sand ridge and look out over the entire Namib Desert, as you contemplate the precarious sprint down into Deadvlei for the absolute most life-changing view on Earth.

The Namib Desert is one of the driest places on the planet. Much like the Atacama Desert in Chile, you feel as though your nose is going to begin draining from being dry practically at all times. Sossusvlei is the fundamental fascination point of fact and is the core point along a line of gigantic sand hills extending exactly 100km or something like that. This would turn into one of my most loved spots I’ve ever been and rivals the Southern Altiplano in Bolivia for the best view I can consider.  (image by: Daniel Morgan )

Outdoor Holiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The Namib Desert Camping Trip Into Namib Desert
I needed the three day outdoors trip through the travel organization at my inn. In the wake of withdrawing Windhoek in an enormous Land Cruiser with 9 campers we headed through Rehoboth and down to our camping area. Camp Agama was a camp additionally facilitated higher end visits with some decent estates close to the principle house where supper was served.

The primary night we had three courses of soup and bread; stirfry chicken with vegetables and after that a pleasant coconut dessert. The second night we had a magnificent BBQ with zebra steaks my most loved and wieners amongst different things. On day two, we got to Sossusvlei for a solidifying first light over the ridges. It was a decent begin to our day and a lovely site. In the wake of seeing Dune 1 and a couple of others along the way, we ceased to climb Dune 45 which is the most open from the street and around 150m high.  (image by:Marko Erman )


Outdoor Holiday - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Sossusvlei Camping Trip Into Namib Desert
Deadvlei is the spot where all the celebrated pictures of the dead trees on the shriveled lake bunk are shot. It is balanced by the dynamic colors of the sand and the splendid blue sky. It was fabulous. There is no other word to portray how wonderful and cool it was to see. Pictures can’t do it equity yet I tried my hardest. It again helped me a bit to remember Southern Bolivia on the salt pads however Sossusvlei created better pictures I think-despite the fact that photography is not my strongsuit.

In the wake of spending around 90 minutes taking the view in and taking pictures we took off and once again to Sesriem to eat and afterward over to camp. We all rested really great that night as the day was truly debilitating and the showers were a portion of the best in my late memory. It’s not open to having sand in every hole of your body!

On day three we headed again to Africa’s cleanest capital city, Windhoek, however made a couple of stops in transit. I am taking off to Swakopmund this evening to Namibia’s adrenaline capital. I am not exactly beyond any doubt what I will be doing yet as there are numerous choices however it will be wonderful.


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